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  • Veneers for the profession
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  • Veneers for the patient
  • This is how they are made
  • Your dentist may recommend a veneer because........

Veneers for the profession

You've got to love veneers, we do. They can achieve so much with such small facets of porcelain on minimal preparations. We prefer the refractory technique for layered veneers but we can also provide pressed ceramic veneers for the extra strength.

Veneers for the patient

  • Porcelain veneers are designed to cover the existing front surface of your teeth. They can be used for re-aligning, whitening, correcting the colour of a dark tooth or restoring a cracked or chipped tooth. They usually require very little preparation, are quick and easy to prepare and in dentistry terms, have to be the best bang for your bucks! There is barely a Hollywood star who has not had the all conquering veneer makeover (as seen on TV!)
  • The veneers have approximately the same strength as natural tooth enamel, they must be well bonded to the underlying tooth. The final aesthetic outcome can be difficult to asses until the veneer has been bonded permanently to the tooth.


InfoYour dentist may recommend implant treatment because:

  • You have a discoloured tooth
  • You have a misaligned tooth or teeth
  • You have requested a lighter whiter tooth colour
  • You have a tooth that needs some small repair

The points made here are generalisations. Teeth and mouths are extremely complex systems which your dentist is in the best position to assess. If you are unhappy with what your dentist has recommended, ask them if there is an alternative treatment and what the compromises may be if an alternative is persuade.

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