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Planning and temporisation

The mark of a really good lab is the support that they can give for your complex cases. With all the experience we have gathered over the years, we are in a great position to use that knowledge to benefit your patients and your practice. From full mouth rehabs, full arch implant cases, large bridges through to makeovers and relatively minor cases, if you need a beautiful wax up that says to the patient “yes, I can do this” and temporaries that look good and convey the message “ if you think these are good..........!” then perhaps you should give me a call.

Julian Dorey  Kingsbridge Dental Laboratory  Kingsbridge Dental Laboratory


Photo's and Jpegs

We have a network in the lab so that we can gain access to our computer database from our benches The database contains pictures taken in the lab or sent by our clients. These are very useful for individual cases where a photographic record is supplied but we also use them to remind us that we make teeth for people, not models. This might sound a bit lofty, but working in a commercial laboratory usually divorces you from the end user. Every reminder of what a good or bad outcome can mean to the patient is worth pursuing.

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Speak to Julian
I try to always be available to speak on the phone, I am here from 7.30am – 5.30 pm most work days (Monday-Friday). Our numbers, email and Skype phone/ video contacts are listed here. I always appreciate having study models and photos when assessing cases, I also would love to have some feedback, and photos where possible, on finished cases. This is the strongest form of communication.


A picture paints a thousand words.

Kingsbridge Dental Laboratory
(exchange rates  vary depending on the photo)



We supply free post labels nationally, we have a courier service that calls locally and we can arrange fast shipping to most parts of the world (charged at cost). Our turnaround times vary depending on the case presented. Generally C&B is 7 days in the lab, Implant cases are at least 10 days in the lab and prosthetic stages require 4 days each.



We have a pricing structure based on the complexity of the case presented. A larger bridge or smile design case will have a higher per unit charge than a single crown. This is to reflect the experience and training required to successfully process these larger cases.

Our three price levels are:

Standard. 1-3 unit cases on natural abutments. (bonded crown £92 +alloy, Lava £130, veneer £80)
Advanced 4-7 unit cases on natural abutments or 1-4 on implants.(bonded crown £105+alloy, Lava £140, veneer £90)
Masters 8-14 unit cases on natural abutments 5-14 unit cases on implants.(bonded crown £120 +alloy, Lava £155, veneer £100)

These are our standard Terms and Conditions.


Book Loan

We have a wide selection of books and journals including Journal of Esthetic Dentistry and Dental Dialogue which we are happy to lend out to our clients.

Book Loan