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Implants for the profession

We have experience of many of the leading implant brands and are a Staumman platinum laboratory. We can help with all stages of planning including diagnostic wax ups and associated stents. From a single tooth to full arch restorations, we offer a full range of restorative options. The cases shown will give an indication of the experience we have.

Implants for the patient

  • Implants are usually titanium screws that are placed into the bone beneath the gums. The tubes have a thread attachment cut into on the surface close to the gums. After the bone has grown onto the implant to hold it firmly in place (2-6 months) the restoration is held onto the implant with a screw either in one piece or as a separate abutment and crown. Implants will provide solid fixing for crowns and bridges where no teeth have been present or are soon to be lost.
  • They can be used to give greatly increased stability to loose and troublesome dentures, particularly in the lower jaw where flat ridges are a problem for many long term denture wearers.
  • Implant treatment can be very expensive indeed. A simple case replacing a single tooth will probably cost in the region of £2,000. We have worked on cases where the patient has spent in excess of £40,000 to regain good appearance and function. Be prepared to hear big numbers!
  • Implant treatment can take a long time, your dentist or the implantologist they refer you to, will advise you on treatment times for your case.  Typically treatments are 4-6 months but can be 1-2 years for a complicated case requiring bone grafting.
  • You will need to have the implant construction and associated screws checked by your dentist regularly just like real teeth.

Straumann - Astra - Nobel Biocare - Ankylos

InfoYour dentist may recommend implant treatment because:

  • You are about to loose a tooth where conventional treatments are not appropriate or would require other 'virgin' teeth to be compromised to provide a bridge.
  • To provide additional support for a conventional bridge.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the fit and stability of your denture. Implants can be fitted with attachments that will hold a denture very firmly but will still allow you to remove it for cleaning.
  • PrettauLab is a pecialist service for implant cases utilising the Prettau zirconia from ZirkonZahn.  PrettauLab bridges can be used with any implant system that has a screwd bridge option.  They are incredibly strong and virtually guarantee ZERO CHIPPING and a very lond life as they create no suffer any wear.  See or ask for details.

The points made here are generalisations. Teeth and mouths are extremely complex systems which your dentist is in the best position to assess. If you are unhappy with what your dentist has recommended, ask them if there is an alternative treatment and what the compromises may be if an alternative is persuade.

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