ZirkonZahn M5 CAD/CAM

Cad-camWe use the very best machinery and software for our inhouse milling. ZirkonZahn are world leaders in zirconia technologies and are a innovative and successful provider to the world dental market.  We have one of only two M5 milling machines in the country and we are proud to be able to offer.

Ice Zirconia by ZirkonZahn. 
This material is designed for use as a frame for veneering with layering ceramics and can be used for singles up to full arch bridges. 

Ice Zr is offered as an alternative to using Lava.

Prettau Zirconia by ZirkonZahn is a revolutionary material desined to be used for monolithic restorations as well as veneer or partially veneered designs. 

Prettau Zr gives us so many possibilities for creating very strong and esthetic restorations without using metals and avoiding the possibility of chipping of the ceramic in functional zones.




Lava ScannerWe have been using the Lava ST scanner for a number of years and have made thousands of restorations using the Lava Zr.

This product is backed by one of the larges companies involved in dentisry and has a lifetime guarantee*

The  size of Lava blocks allows us to make crowns and bridges up to 6-7 units depending on the overall span.

Lava was the first truly esthetic zirconia on the market and we are proud to be able to offer this to our clients. LavaCOS (Chairside Oral Scanner) was introduced a couple of years ago and we are one of the few labs who have had exprerience with this groundbreaking technology.


















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